If you’re new to the tango world, you might be wondering where you can find more opportunities to dance, learn and listen to tango music.

Here are some of the most helpful tools for new dancers in the Bay Area:

For finding places to dance-

Tango Mango – A calendar listing of classes and milongas all across the country. You can narrow your search to your specific area.

Bay Area Tango – A calendar of tango classes and events, as well as announcements and additional information on dancing in the San Francisco area.

For learning more about tango-

La Confiteria Ideal: The Tango Salon – Enjoy this documentary about the culture surrounding Argentine Tango.

HowCast – How to Do the Argentine Tango – Watch Ana Padron and Diego Blanco while you learn about common tango movements.

For listening to tango music-

Tangos y Milongas on Spotify – There are also Argentine valses on this list, but it contains a nice sampling of classic, golden-age tangos for dancing.

Tangology 101 – Information on the history and music of tango, as well as online lessons from DJ and dancer, Clint Rauscher.

Tanda of the Week – DJ Antti Suniala delivers regular groupings of tango music sets, called tandas, for dancing and listening.