RénaTango is for Argentine Tango enthusiasts who are seeking community and connection. I’m based in the San Francisco area, but my aim is to bridge the gap between tango lovers worldwide and create collaborative spaces in which they can breed new ideas and interact.

Whether we want to believe it or not, the unfortunate truth is that the dance we love is dying and will continue to die if we don’t build stronger communities around it. The competitive dancehall culture around large milongas and festivals, where one’s worth is valued on how attractive they are or how full they can make their dance card will be the bane of tango’s existence. Ultimately, all that kind of mentality does is drive new people away.

What we need is a tango renaissance, and that was exactly the idea behind the name. The Latin root for rebirth is renat, and I want to give you fresh perspective on all the ways in which this dance can be used to change people’s lives for the better.


As most of us know, although we have a hard time embodying it, tango is composed of many layers that add richness and complexity to the dance-life experience. RénaTango’s mission is to cultivate rich content for reader’s that ignites their passion, sparks authentic conversations, and adds insight to their existing tango knowledge.

Feel free to leave comments and participate in my upcoming interactive content. Tango is collaboration, and I want to hear from YOU!