Beginner’s Guides to Wine Tasting

During our most recent wine and tango pairing night at Milonga La Paz, it came up that some participants didn’t feel entirely comfortable navigating their way around tasting wine. For newbies, developing the ability to perceive different qualities in each wine is a daunting task. The perception of most is that wine tasting is a fine art, reserved only for the snooty few. Don’t be led astray, though! Wine tasting can be for anybody and everybody if you have a good guide for what to look for.

If you’re wanting to join in our wine & tango tasting fun or just gain a better appreciation for wine in general, then you might want to check out the following resources available on Amazon:

Nose, Legs, Body!: Know Wine Like The Back of Your Hand

Nose, Legs, Body: I came across this handy little wine tasting guide while doing wine tastings part-time for a winery in Iowa. It’s easy-to-read, and not overwhelming like some other wine tasting guides. It gives you a quick overview of wine essentials, and it’ll get you appreciating wine in a snap.

Wine Folly: The Essential Guide to Wine

For all the visually-oriented winos out there, Wine Folly: The Essential Guide to Wine is another guide that incorporates clever graphics to teach you how to analyze wine varieties. If you’re following me on Pinterest, I’ve repinned some of their best wine tasting note graphics that beautifully portray the flavors in many wine varietals.

Happy Tasting! If you have a favorite wine or tango song that you want me to pair, leave me a comment below.

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